Event Information

Minato City Half Marathon 2018
December 2, 2018 (Sun.) *Rain or shine
Minato City Marathon Secretariat, Tokyo Athletics Association, Minato Ward Athletics Association
Managing Organization
Minato Ward Athletics Association
Supporting Organization
Sports Nippon Newspapers
Competition Rules
The race will be conducted in accordance with the 2018 rules and regulations of the JAAF and of this competition.
Start Venue
The vicinity of Shiba-koen, Minato ward
Finish Venue
Tokyo tower
Race category, maximum number of participants, participation qualification, participation fee etc.
Divisions – Atheletes registered with the JAAF
– General runners(under 30, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70 and over)
Maximum number of participant 5,000 runners
Start method Runners are assigned to different corrals and start at different times (wave start).
Time limit 150 minutes from the start of each corral
Start time 8:30 am
Participation fee 5,000 yen
Participating qualification Persons who are 18 years of age or older who can finish within the time limit as of the race day.
Award presentations
– Atheletes registered with the JAAF
1st – 8th place for men and women(by gross time)
– General runners
1st – 8th place for both men and women *1 by gross time
1st – 8th place in each age group for both men and women *2 by net time
Records Runners who completed the race within the time limit can download the official certificate containing lap time records for every 5km
Participation prize T-shirt
  1. Gross Time is the time between the sound of the starter’s signal for your race and the time you cross the finish line.
  2. Net Time is the time between the time you actually cross the start line and the time you cross the finish line
  • People with disabilities can join the half marathon; However, participation in wheelchairs is not allowed.
  • Participants (excluding the JAAF registered athletes) are assigned to corrals in order of self-reported time.
  • RUNTES is a race entry service operated by R-bies. When entering races, full payment must be made upon registration. Please note that monthly payments are not available, a one-time payment is required.

    Handling Charge:12%

    *The handling charge (12%) applies to the total cost, including entry fee, any merchandise purchased, and any other add-ons. Thank you for your understanding.

Starts from around Minato City Shiba Park, passes through major streets such as Hibiya-dori, Sakurada-dori, Sotobori-dori, and Daiichi-keihin and finishes around Tokyo Tower.

  • This is a JAAF certified (pending) course.
  • The course may change in the future.

Course Map

Elevation Map

Access to areas around the Start

*There is no parking lot or bicycle parking space for participants

・JR Line / Tokyo Monorail
10 minutes walk from Hamamatsucho Station
・Toei Subway Mita Line
3 minutes on foot from Onarimon Station or Shibakoen Station
・Toei Subway Asakusa Line / Oedo Line
5 minutes walk from Daimon Station
・Toei Subway Oedo Line
7 minutes walk from Akabane-bashi Station
Checkpoints and Water Supply Stations
Checkpoints (4 places in total)
①9:15-about 4.5 km ②10:05-about 11.5 km ③10:30-about 15.5 km ④10:55-about 17.5 km
*The checkpoint times and places may change. Details will be announced in the entry information about 2 weeks before the event.
Water supply stations (7 stations in total)
Water supply stations are scheduled to be set up approximately every 2.5km after the 5km point.
How to deliver number cards,etc.
Regarding Race Bib Pick-up
Please note that race kits will NOT be shipped overseas.
Your race bib and timing chip can be picked up upon check-in (see below.)
Runner Check-in
Location: The vicinity of Shiba-koen, Minato ward
Address: Shiba Park Shibakoen 4-chome 8-4, Minato – ku
Date: Sunday, December 2
Time: From 7:00 to 8:00
Race Regulations
  1. The tournament will be held in accordance with various regulations, etc., as well as relevant laws and regulations.
  2. The organizer will not be liable to any detriments caused by the following:
    (1) Injuries, illness, or other accidents
    (2) Theft, loss, and/or damage of personal property
    (3) Delay to the race caused by trouble in public transportation or poor road conditions
  3. To ensure the safety of the event, the organizer shall impose the appropriate regulations over the race area, the course, etc.
  4. Participants must follow the instructions of the organizer, officers and staff regarding the event. Participants may be disqualified if they do not obey instructions.
  5. Participants may be required to change clothing if the organizer consider his/her clothes to be indecent, dangerours/troublesome to other runners, or harmful to the event operation.
  6. Participants may not drink or receive alcohol beverages before or during the race. If it is determined that you are drunk, you will be disqualified.
  7. Participants must comply with public manners and competition rules.
  8. Participants must bring his/her health insurance card or a photocopy of it to the event.
  9. On the race day, unmanned aerial vehicles such as multicopters, drones, and radio control helicopters can not be flying over the venue regardless of whether they are for aerial photography purposes or not.
  10. The organizer contracts a sports accident insurance during the race period.
  11. If the medical staff deem a participant to be unable to continue running, the participant may be stopped and asked to step off the course. In that case, he/she must follow the instructions of the doctor.
  12. Participants who become unable to continue the race without medical assistance, such as I.V. or a wheelchair, will be deemed to have dropped out of the race and will be disqualified. The decision of whether they are able to continue or not will be made by a doctor or medical staff on the scene and the participant may be medically treated.
  13. On the race day, there will be no parking near the event site. Participants may not come to the race venue by motorcycle or motor vehicle.
  14. Any disabled runner who finds it difficult to run alone may have an escort runner (only one person, free of charge) depending on the degree of handicap. The time of the escort runner will not be recorded except where the runner has registered him/herself.
  15. Participants are advised to keep valuables in a secure and safe place in order to prevent theft, including luggage theft.
  16. The organizer holds the right of publishing information and the right of publicity concerning the race such as videos, photographs, records, articles, location information, entrantsʼ names, their ages, and their addresses (prefecture and municipality), via TV, newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc.
  17. The organizer observes the law concerning the protection of personal information and related laws and regulations, and handles personal information as follows based on the organizer’s personal information protection policy.
    (1) Personal information handled:
    Name, sex, date of birth, age, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, nationality, emergency contact name, phone number, relationship with the person, record, affiliation, location information, medical information, etc.
    (2) Purposes of use:
    For the purpose of improving services and safety for entrants, the organizer may provide entrants with notice of record, related information, services by organizations related to the event, and announcement of results (the event website, ranking, etc.). Further, the organizer may use them for insurance or medical purposes.
    (3) Provision to third-parties:
    Personal information may be provided to a third party in the following events:

    • The information must be provided to related business operators and contractors within the range related to the management of this event,
    • The information is required by an insurance company for insurance application,
    • Clinical information is required for academic purposes,
    • The information must be posted for broadcasting on television, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc.
Hometown Tax System
Minato City has introduced “Minato City version home town tax system” which allows people to donate and choose from a collection of projects designated for usage of donation. The projects include Minato City marathon, which participants, residents, and tourists can enjoy alike with joyous events alongside the streets. Minato City is soliciting heartfelt donations in order to promote our attractiveness to the world.
Terms of Application

*Before applying for entry, please read and agree to the following terms:

  1. Participants may not, for personal reasons, change/cancel race categories, transfer rights, or switch applicant names after submitting the application except where the race is designated for the yuzureru system.
  2. The organizer will not refund for excess payment, multiple payments, or multiple entries. Even if the payment of the participation fee is completed before the payment deadline, the application may be invalid depending on the payment date when there are applications exceeding the capacity. In that case, it will be refunded by the method defined by the organizer.
  3. In the case of an earthquake, storm, flooding, snow, or accident, the organizers will assess the situation and make a decision concerning scaling down or cancelling the race accordingly.
  4. Participants must pay attention to their physical conditions including heart disease and other ilnesses and make appropriate preparations for the event. Entrants must participate in the event at their own risk with regard to diseases, accidents, and losses.
  5. The passage of emergency vehicles including ambulances may impede the progress of runners. If the organizers consider it necessary to discontinue the event, participants must immediately follow the instructions of the organizers and comply with any other instructions from the organizers with regard to safety management and operation of the event.
  6. Participants will indemnify the organizers from responsibility for any accidents, loss, or injuries arising during the event and will not claim any compensation for them.
  7. Participants will be compensated for any accidents or injuries arising during the event to the extent of the coverage of the insurance policy purchased by the organizers. The organizer will provide first aid in case of illness, other accidents, theft, or loss, but will not take any responsibilities for it. Participants will not hold the organizers liable for any treatment and progression of such disease or accident.
  8. Participants must obtain consent from the family, relatives, or the guardian (in case of minors), or the team member (in case of application in the name of the representative) about the entry of this competition.
  9. Participants are not allowed to make a false declaration in the application about age, sex, etc. or to transfer his/her entry to anyone else. If such dishonest acts are uncovered, participants must follow any decisions of the organizers, such as revocation of participation or award and disqualification of the subsequent sports events. The organizers shall bear no responsibility for aid or refund for those who make a false declaration or transfer his/her entry to anyone else.
  10. Some applications made over the Internet may not be successful due to the applicant’s device, operating system, or Internet browser. The organizer shall bear no responsibility for any delayed application caused by a failure of the internet service, etc.
  11. The images, photographs, articles, records of the sports event (including entrantsʼ personal information such as names, ages, sex, records, and figures) will be reported, posted, or used on newspapers, TV, magazines, Internet, brochures, etc. The organizers will hold the right of posting and using such information.
  12. The handling of personal information of the applicants shall be subject to the personal information policy of the organizers as stated separately.
  13. If there is any discrepancy between the provisions of this Application Terms and the race regulations, the race regulations shall prevail.
Note for people with disabilities
People with difficulties who are 18 years of age or older and can finish within the time limit on the day of the event are allowed to have an escort runner; However, guide dogs are not allowed as escorts. In this case, the participation fee for the excort runner is free, but the time of the escort runner will not be recorded except where the runner has registered him/herself. Those who use wheelchairs are not allowed to participate in the event.

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